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Research Essay

A research essay deals with extensive analysis of a very specific issue, question, or problem, enabling the reader to fully grasp the underlying details of the matter in question. This type of paper is used quite frequently in college (any major will need to do this at least once), but high school students may also encounter this assignment. Due to its relative complexity, volume, and demand of extensive analysis, a research paper is often the most challenging assignment the students receive during their academic life. Most essay writing services will demand a high price for this type of paper, but there are still several ways you can cut back on your expenses if you need to buy research essay cheap. It all depends on the particular service you contact, but in general, the number of pages, academic level (college, high school, etc.), and terms of completion are the three main factors that decide the price of your completed work.

Main Features of a Research Paper

Whether you decide to write your paper of your own, or choose to buy research essay online, you will greatly benefit from learning the basic components of this type of writing.

Here they are:

  • One of the most important aspects of conducting an extensive research is the formation and resolution of a specific question, placed in the beginning of your work; a so called "research question". It is important to remember that you do not simply answer this question using direct quotes from your material sources, as if retelling what other people think of the matter in question. You have to build your inquiry based on those assumptions, deducing the answer using your own logic, and not simply summarizing what you have read or heard.
  • Research EssayMaterial references are the bread and butter of a research essay. Without them, the content of your work will only list your own ideas and logical assumptions, which, even if you are a genius, will not be enough to convince the reader that you have examined all of the details of the subject; absence or insufficiency of material references severely reduces or outright negates the credibility of your work. To add more weight to your paper, you can use references to books, journals, official press announcements, citations of credible individuals, and other certifiable sources. Using web resources is not recommended, as most of them are not exactly trustworthy, and using any of the remaining good ones may make your teacher or examiner neglect your work for plain plagiarism. No matter how good Wikipedia is, linking to it is just lazy.
  • When choosing a topic for your research paper, make sure you do not make it too broad. Comprehensive research on general themes like "air pollution in cities" is simply impossible to cover in a compact essay; the content will most likely only barely touch the core of the problem, or list things most people know already, resulting in a less interesting work. Try to narrow down the topic some more, for example "vehicle exhaust pollution on major transport routes". That way, you have a more understandable niche to present, which will also make it easier to find good reference material.

Here they are:

  • - Narrow the time period being researched. Introduce weekly or yearly stats, or analyze a historical date in the past that proves significant to the matter in question.
  • - Narrow the area of research. Depending on the topic of your essay, you may want to pick a more specific location or area to be analyzed, as in: world - country, city - region of the city, ocean or sea - a particular port town or a particular naval area.
  • - Choose a more specific item of research. This point expresses the same notion of narrowing your topic down. If you research the environmental damage done due to vehicular exhaust, choose a particular brand or type of vehicle that appears to do most damage. If you research political tendencies or the affairs of the current administration, choose a specific party (e.g. ruling party), and do an activity analysis, and/or future prognosis.
  • Beware of plagiarism, as it considered one of the most severe mistakes a student can make in the eyes of an examiner or teacher. If you find an interesting concept or idea, you will have to specifically note that it was taken from another author, or else you will be placed at risk of being accused of fraud. An idea is born through deduct and analysis, it is a string of discoveries that eventually forms a wholesome, comprehensive concept. This process of formation is what indicates that the idea belongs to you and is original.
  • If you want to buy research essay online, you probably do not need to know all the intricate details of writing a research essay. However, certain basic features will help you control the quality of your work as well as help direct the writer to produce the desired result. You need to actually know what exactly you need done.

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